About Us

Amy’s Place Restaurant was established in 1981. Since then it has become a staple in the University Heights district in Buffalo NY. We serve Lebanese and American food in a classic diner setting. Amy Betros, the founder left in the early nineties to begin St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy, which still operates today. Wanting to keep the business in the “family” Amy sold it to employees Anne Gallegher and Greg Kempf. In 2004 Anne left and long time employee Sue Mischler became co-owner. In 2019 Sue moved on and Greg became sole owner.

Lebanese cuisine was always naturally vegetarian and vegan friendly. Throughout the years we have adapted our menu to cater more and more to the diet of vegetarianism and veganism. Now in 2021 we have decided to completely remove meat out of the menu. This is simply a natural progression of that adaptation.

Donate to St. Lukes Mission in the spirit of the founder of Amy's Place we are providing this link to support a cause that she and we also support.

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